By Lucid Analytics Project

Lucid Analytics Project is an impact research consultancy. We specialize in cross-industry research into the responsible and effective use of AI technologies, with a focus on guiding the responsible, ethical, and effective use of AI and machine learning technologies at enterprise businesses. 

Our current focus is on the delivery of corporate training and continued professional development to empower professionals without a background in programming or statistics to become literate in AI, and better partner with data scientists
and work with AI applications.

The Lucid Analytics Project's research into the ethical and effective use of AI has been sponsored, published, or covered by:

and referenced in multiple academic papers, including work conducted by the European Parliament, the Bank of England, and the World Economic Forum in conjunction with Ernst & Young and the University of Cambridge. 

Our Founders

Our partnership was formed in 2018 by Keyur Patel, a widely-published economics journalist and author,
and Marshall Lincoln, formerly Lead Data Scientist at a publicly-listed Silicon Valley cloud communications company. It 
combines skill-sets rarely found together: a proven ability to explain complex ideas in engaging
and straightforward language, and a deep understanding of data science in industry.

Marshall Lincoln

Data scientist and entrepreneur

As a practitioner of data science, Marshall has led business transformation projects and hired, managed and worked alongside data science teams. He works with international blue-chip organizations and has authored incisive research into the responsible and effective use of AI.

Before founding the Lucid Analytics Project, he was Lead Data Scientist at 8x8 - a NYSE-listed cloud communications company headquartered in California. His final role at the company was as Director of Business Intelligence, where he built and ran a business function which transformed 8x8’s ability to derive complex insights from its data.

Marshall’s areas of focus include:

  • Applied machine learning, statistics, and feature engineering
  • Strategic advisor to a number of firms around cross-functional data transformation projects and holistic corporate strategy
  • Expert in the strategic design and implementation of Customer Data Platforms (CPDs) for digital marketing, business analytics, and operational intelligence
  • Deep and comprehensive understanding of end-to-end business intelligence function (especially at SaaS companies): process, tools, methodologies, technologies, objectives
  • Research into cross-industry application of AI, combining experience and interviews with practitioners and risk managers, data scientists, technology providers, consultants, regulators, and academics.

Keyur Patel

Independent journalist and consultant

As an independent journalist and consultant, Keyur has written features and analysis for a number of leading international publishers. He has also produced independent research for dozens of organizations, including blue chip companies, academic bodies, and not-for-profits.

He is a research associate at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation - and has authored multiple reports for the Centre, which have been widely covered in the international media. He was formerly Marjorie Deane Fellow at the Financial Times and is a graduate in economics from University College London.

Keyur specializes in making complex subjects accessible and engaging – particularly in the domains of economics, development, and technology. 

His areas of professional focus include:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Emerging technologies and their intersection
  • Impact investing
  • Financial inclusion and emerging markets
  • Risks in financial services

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